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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Holiness of God's Name

I am. I am. Meditate on My greatness and My Majesty. I am Creator God. I stretched myself out across eternity to make My name known unto you. My name is so Holy, the aspects of My Being so profound and holy that the Israelites were not even allowed to write that name down on parchment. I am holy. I am approachable. Can you grasp that? Can you understand that I long for you to enter My presence; My tabernacle of holiness. I hold out the scepter for you. I grant access for you to enter the Holy of Holies; My very Holy, awesome, majestic presence with your praise, worship, and adoration of Me. Enter into My Presence My child, enter in.

1 comment:

Jessica M said...

Beautiful...sometimes I think all of us surely at one time or another, and many of us in general, forget the sheer awesomeness and magnitude of God's glory. To approach God with reverence, fear and trembling, but yet with a humble confidence, knowing He welcomes all His children into His presence.

Beautiful post. I look forward to reading more :)