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Monday, February 23, 2009


February 22, 2009
"Messiah" everything in its entirety is defined in My Son, "Messiah." From the creation of the world, before light sprang on the earth, the plan, "Messiah," was put in place. You are so special and esteemed in my eyes and in my heart that I would give up my best gift, Jesus, for the gift of your relationship, your sonship and daughtership to my kingdom and heart. You can ask, ask, I've already given the most costly gift that could ever be given, ask and I will fully give.

February 15, 2009
We (God and us) should be so connected to one another and my Spirit that we should live in a continuous state, manner, and posture of prayer. My Holy Spirit is moving upon the earth, orchestrating events in people’s lives. Allow the Holy Spirit to allow you to be the creative arm in people’s lives. Just as God spoke in the beginning, the very words and essence of Christ, and then the Holy Spirit began to move and create. Allow the words of my Spirit to flow through, to move you to act, work, and create on My behalf. Be attuned to my Spirit, my Spirit of change and construction here on the earth. Put on your hard hat and grab your megaphone and get to work. "