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Monday, April 6, 2009

Questions to ask yourself when reading the Bible

What is revealed about God in this story? What is revealed about God’s heart in this story towards you?
What character do you relate to the most in the story? Why?
In what ways do you relate to each of the different characters found in the story, whether protagonists or antagonists?
What might God be speaking to you through this story? What do you think God might be trying to affirm in you about who you are as His child through this story?
What areas of life may God be calling you to move forward in?
What sin areas may there be in your life that God is using this story to cause you to confess?
How do you think this story might cause you to more fully experience the healing, freedom, and life Jesus came to offer us?
What does this passage say? Because of what it says, what do I need to change in my thoughts or actions to align with the truth presented in the story?
Compiled from writings from Matt Krick, Bob Schultz, and myself

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