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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hi everyone; I would like to share with you some recent words from God that I believe that He has given me. I am not saying "Thus saith the Lord" but merely impressions that I felt God has been sharing with me lately...

I look over the earth looking for a place to dwell that I may place My Spirit there, that prosperity may arise in your land that your land, that your women and men may not be barren, that your land may produce, that your children would rise up and call you blessed, that your dwelling may be secure and upright that My light might shine to you through the nations, that My Son Jesus Christ would be highly, highly exalted in your land.

Dec 7, 2008:
As the mountains flow so I have designed and created your life for a purpose. Get eagle vision. Be able to soar with Me above the clouds to be able to see the direction and magnitude of your life and calling. I don’t want you to be surprised, we’re friends, come with me, higher and higher. As a river flows, your life is designed with a specific course in mind. Come with Me and I will show you your life’s direction, purpose, and flow. For in Me, you will find your life’s direction, flow, and purpose.
(The higher you are, the clearer you can see the direction of the river. Perhaps a river may flow into an ocean, or become a dam eventually. When your flowing in the river, you can’t tell what direction your intimately going or your ultimate direction. The higher you get, the clearer you can see the big picture.)
*Expect the Lord to show you the direction of your life.

Dec 14, 2008:
“You are holy because of what my Son Jesus Christ did for you, the divine exchange, your filthiness for My holiness, come, enter in, you are holy, nothing you have done on your own but the simple exclamation of your faith, “Jesus is Lord.” When I look at you, I look at a pure, spotless, spotless bride, enter into My presence. The exclamation of your voice and belief in your heart makes you worthy, enter in son, enter in daughter, enter into My presence.

Dec 16, 2008:
“I am so much larger than your perspective, I am so much bigger than you could ever see or imagine. But I came down to earth through my Son Jesus Christ so you could experience my richness of love for you, so you could begin to fathom the depth and love and feeling I have for you. For you are mine, fathomed before the foundation of the earth for my glory, to carry my glory. Come up with Me so we can reign, fellowship, experience friendship and be together.”

February 11, 2007 (New Covenant Church: not verbatim)
"I am the designer, I am the master architect. I've laid out pages out of my design; for each of you is called to be part of my design and work. Each of you have tools, hammer, saw, chalk lines, overseers, inspectors, they all fit in my coordinated plan. Dust off your tools to build and not to destroy. My house will be built on a firm foundation. Every one of you are valuable to me, every one of you have a particular job. Be sensitive to my spirit in the job I have for each of you.

It wasn't out of a sense or obligation of duty I fellowship with people but because I desire to be among them. I like people, each person is unique and special, each person has my Father's DNA. My Father is the true Father, the True Creator. You have my spiritual lineage, you are a royal priesthood, part of a royal bloodline, you have the blood of your creator Father.

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