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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Are we prepared to meet with God on a continual basis?

I prepare myself to meet with you. Just as a mother prepares her daughter to get ready to go to church (hair, dress, makeup, etc...) I prepare myself to meet with you. Are you prepared to meet with Me? The table is set, my agenda is cleared for you, every day, every day! Make the time, ready and prepare yourself to meet with Me. Tell others, the time is drawing near, meet and fellowship with Me while there is still time.
As I was in church this morning, I saw a mother and daughter come into church together and I felt God communicated the following message to me. How is your prep time prior to meeting with God? Are you in a hurry, unprepared? How would you feel if you had a set meeting time with an important government official or a hero of yours? We have the awesome opportunity to meet with our Almighty, Awesome Father and we squander the opportunity by failing to meet with Him or we hurry through our time together with Him.

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