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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the hands of the Potter

"Allow yourself to be molded, allow yourself to be shaped. Allow yourself, will yourself, put yourself willingly on My Potter's Wheel. For I know the shape and destiny of your life. I know the design and purpose I have created your life for. Mot man, but Me; I'am. I have created you for a purpose. Stop looking to the world to create and mold you, look to the living God. I create and mold different individuals for different purposes. Some are in the beginning stages, some are in the refinement stages, some have taken themselves off of My wheel. Don't be hard, don't be bitter, I can't work with a hard heart, it will just break on the wheel. Allow your heart to be soft, moldable and pliable. For I have created you for a purpose. To be a willing, moldable creation of Mine for a purpose to display My glory and My glory alone declares the Lord!"  

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